instrument cultural dedicat arealului dunărean


The Danube for me represents the river I was crossing on the road to the Black Sea. I had never stepped foot in the settlements on its shore, and I have no relatives living in its vicinity. The premise is a sufficiently romantic one, of nostalgia for a familiar unknown, the approach rather intuitive. Due to relative short time constraints and the touristic ambition to cover as much ground as possible the perception can only be a superficial one. After all, “The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own”, said Sontag. Still, in the Danube Delta, due to the socio-economic reality and more so its natural potential, all non-residents are automatically tourists. In a way that’s the logic of the place and what you’re offered. Over this reality the paradoxical supradimension of Romania is layered, that of permanent transition (“drift” rather), and somehow the underlying reasons for a poorly developed infrastructure, garbage (pollution), excesive and unsustainable fishing (poaching), etc. become apparent.